Bridge Event Facilities offers professional support for your event

Our approach is very simple: we give you the best possible technical support at your event. Your technical host for that exciting exhibition stand, that's our ambition. Wanting to be the best is our goal. We form a close team that's ready for you day and night, small sized to work quickly and accurately. In an as short as possible timeframe, with as few employees as possible, we want to express our motto 'Show your best' in your exhibition stand. Perfectionism is our top priority, so we are only satisfied if you are.

Whether it concerns small or large productions; Bridge Event Facilities has the experience and knowledge to work out and set up any event to perfection. Our employees combine a representative appearance with their skills. At Bridge EF: appointment is appointment (no excuses), due to our tight production planning, nothing eludes us and we make sure that we unburden in every possible way. Dare to sparkle and shine. Leave it up to us!

One-Stop Shop

Did you get your decoration from one supplier in the past, while you had to order your printed material somewhere else? Often one has enough on their mind while organizing a fair or event. It is therefore easy to hand over as much as possible to just one partner. At Bridge Event Facilities we can be that partner. As a one-stop shop we at Bridge-EF act as a total supplier for all your event facilities. In addition to technique, we can also take care of the decoration, printing and signing. Bridge-EF will gladly relieve you from your concerns that come with facilitating your event! From now on, you only need one supplier, with one contact person.

The advantages:

  • Bridge EF thinks along with you
  • 2D, 3D and VR drawings and presentations
  • One contact person for all your facility questions
  • Price savings through combined transport
  • No time loss or waiting hours during construction and dismantling
  • No gaps or overlaps in technique and interior

Thinking Along

Thinking along is a second nature for our employees. We are open to suggestions, but also dare you to reach out yourself to come to that distinctive and unique event. No lack of good ideas with us! In the end we always come together with our customer. Bridge Event Facilities has more than 25 years of experience in stand construction and conference technology and has the very best exhibition material. With the rental of, among other things, the very best light, sound and stages, we are your reliable partner at your event.

What we always want to hear from the customer at Bridge Event Facilities is: "Wow, this is better than I had thought and expected!"

One contact person

As a customer you have one contact person where to go with all your questions, because a project manager is specifically appointed for this. Your contact person arranges everything for you and ensures that everything goes well behind the scenes. He is responsible for the entire process; from the elaboration of 2- and 3D drawings to the building of your exhibition stand or event. Because of this, it's always clear to whom you can go to with your questions. Our project leaders are people with a passion for the profession who place high demands on themselves and on the team they manage. The facilitation of your project is always in safe hands with us.

"We demand from ourselves that everything is right"

As a technician, all day, I can play with light and dark, with sound and silence. What makes it exciting is the search for innovation, finding ways to do it just a little differently. Why do it difficult if it can be easy? On the one hand, we are driven by the wishes of the customer, who wants something special. On the other hand, we identify trends and developments in the market that stimulate our curiosity. At Bridge Event Facilities we are so in love with the profession that we demand that everything is valid during an event and we go far in this. For example, we ask the caterer for the color of the dishes, so that we can make the picture even more tasteful with the right lighting.