The team

Currently, 10 permanent employees work at Bridge Event Facilities. In addition, we rely on a team of approximately 50 freelancers. This way we can have the very best employees at any time of the day that you wish for. Our enthusiastic and ambitious people like to roll up their sleeves! Feel free to visit our office in Schijndel. The door is always open and we like to listen to your story and your wishes.

René Verbruggen - Managing Director

"The feeling for light and sound came René early at a young age when he started a drive-in show and with success. More and more customers and acquaintances asked René to provide their event or party with lights and sound. This made the born entrepreneur decide to start for himself. A lot of parties were organized under the name Party Sound. When the company grew bigger, Party Sound was renamed Bridge Event Facilities. René linked his last name to his job in this appropriate way: the entertainment world, the role of bridge builder. The event company grew rapidly and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. Bridge Event Facilities has been proud to have developed into a total supplier in the event sector over the past decades. "

Bart Verbruggen - AV Technician

'I am Bart Verbruggen, the son of René, I work full-time at the office during the week but in busy periods I can still be found in the warehouse on Saturdays. My job is AV Technician but in practice I also work on drawing in Wysiwyg, project preparation, can be found on the work floor during projects and in the Technical Department, and I graduated from ROC Tilburg, the Sound & Vision course in July 2016. I really enjoy working within the company because it fits in with what I have studied and of course because it's my father's business.'

Ramon Verheijen - AV Technician

'My name is Ramon Verheijen from Gilze-Rijen, I have been working at Bridge Event Facilities since July 2015, from warehouse work to AV technique during projects, I am multi-deployable, and in July 2016 I completed my four-year course Sound & Vision. To successfully complete the ROC in Tilburg, the last two years of my education I have opted for the specialization video, during my internship in the third year I have been able to put some knowledge into practice. Bridge EF immersed me in the world of major projects. I am mainly involved in video assignments, projections for presentations, live recording, filming and editing.'

Marieke van den Heuvel - Project planner

'I am Marieke van den Heuvel, and I have been working full-time at Bridge since September 2017. After obtaining my diploma in media & event management, I ended up at Bridge EF. The challenge to work around the planning for the projects that Bridge carries out appealed to me! I take care of this planning every day and I also keep an eye on the printed artwork and the dry-hires.'

Maartje Verbruggen - Marketing

"My name is Maartje Verbruggen, I have been working full- and part time at Bridge Event Facilities as a project planner and marketing assistant since July 2015. This completes the Verbruggen family at work. I'm still studying at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, during the study I gained experience at various hotels in the Netherlands and South Africa, I was looking for variety, which I found at Bridge EF! "

Sjannie Verbruggen - Maintenance Theater Textiles

'I am Sjannie Verbruggen, the wife of René, my main task is the maintenance of theater textiles, and I am also very much around to help with other issues. Theater textiles are an important part of Bridge EF.'

Gijs Verbruggen - Designer & Warehouse employee

'I am René's youngest son, I work in the warehouse like my brother on Saturday, and I enjoy working for my father so that I can contribute something to his company.'