Congress technology

Are you planning to organize a congress anytime soon? And do you want to ensure that your message is as clear as possible to a large audience? Bridge Event Facilities also makes the right mix of light, sound and image for your congress.

Of course the (audiovisual) technology has our attention, but when organizing a conference there is more that we take into account. In addition to our technical expertise, we value great importance to creativity and safety. 'Show your best', we want to be the best and show the best in all areas.

Theater setup

The most well-known conference set-up is the theater setup. It's a very affordable option especially where the speaker sends a lot of information and the audience just receives. Due to the distance, interaction with the public is difficult. Bridge Event Facilities provides all audiovisual support for small or large conferences, such as light, sound, projection, live registration, etc.

Arena setup

With the arena setup, the distance between the audience and the speaker is small. It has the shape of an amphitheater; the speaker is in the middle (possibly on a raised floor) and around him the visitors. This congress concept lends itself to an informal congress with a dynamic program. But not every speaker can deal with the fact that the audience is around him.

Bearing house setting

With a bearing house setting the audience is facing eachother with one or more speakers in the middle. As a result, the distance between the speaker and the audience is small, which lends itself perfectly to a discussion. For larger conferences, or more public, stands are desired. In this setting there are more costs because audiovisual support is used twice.

Interactive Congress

A conference and an active networking event in one, that is unique to this conference setup. During the congress, several stages will be used, which will quickly switch from one component to another. Because all guests sit on swivel chairs they can quickly switch between the different stages. In addition, visitors sit at a table that stimulates networking immediately; visitors get into conversation faster.