Do you need a temporarily party location? Bridge Event Facilities will gladly help you if you give a party any given on location. There is a lot to take into account when organizing a party. Placement and finishing of technique is determining the atmosphere. Obvious issues such as the elimination of visible cables are carried out in detail.

Because Bridge Event Facilities has its own trailers, trucks and various transport buses, we can arrange the transport ourselves. This has, in combination with the total package, the great advantage that no time loss occurs during the construction and dismantling of the event.

Your location

Perhaps you think as a company or institution: 'Where do I find a suitable location to organize a spectacular evening?' Many companies and institutions already have this event location within their own network ... but unfortunately they do not yet realize this. Time and time again, Bridge EF demonstrates the astonishing possibilities of halls, silos and warehouses. Industrial spaces undergo a metamorphosis and emerge as stylish party palaces. Seeing is believing! We transform bare silos into elegant party halls. We like to 'enchant' your location!

Tent events

Is your party location a tent? That is no problem at all for Bridge Event Facilities. Whatever the size of your tent. Whether it concerns tents for company parties or festival tents; we have it all for you. 'Show your best' is our motto and we would also like to express this in our tent events. To create a 'WOW' moment for the visitor. When the staff of Bridge Event Facilities rolls up their sleeves, there is no sign of a tent anymore. You soon imagine yourself in an exclusive party room!

Historic location

To reinforce and supplement the technique, the atmosphere of the location; that is what Bridge EF likes to create. With subtle light accents illuminating stained-glass windows and wood carvings; illuminating architectural details to make them the decor. Old industrial locations have their own atmosphere, embrace them! Through the creative use of light in combination with the historical affairs in for example a church, the accents are strengthened and every time this results in a wonderful event.