Project management

There is a lot to take into account in the organization of an event, with some things you do not want to be involved in as an event planner, such as making a technical drawing or working out the power supply in detail. So why not outsource to those who often work on it daily? And therefore have a lot of experience with it! Bridge Event Facilities helps you to request power, lifting points, etc.

Full of ideas? But not a tangible plan yet? We can guide you in the design process! Whether you want the project to be carried out by us, that is up to you! We take care of 3D (technical) drawings or even a design in VR.

VR & 3D designs

Bridge Event Facilities has been active for over 15 years in the field of 3D design and recently also VR! Bridge uses programs as WYSIWYG and SketchUp. The 3D & VR design of an exhibition, conference, stand or event is useful because it offers extra experience to the customer. The customer can walk through his event. In addition, a 3D design directly provides a 2D working drawing for the stand builders.

Power supply

Why not just ask your stand builder for electricity for your stand? During a trade show, you do not want to be the one where the power drops. But also not the one who finds out afterwards that you have paid too much. Let the company who facilitates your event also arrange your power supply. Whether it is the energy request of your stand, or the complete plan for your event or congress; Bridge Event Facilities is very experienced.


At Bridge Event Facilities we have highly skilled and experienced video technicians to create an aftermovie that matches your event. Aftermovies can not be ignored nowadays. At Bridge Event Facilities we give you several options to choose from: you can supply the raw material yourself or we take our own 4K camera to your event. Razor sharp image and a nice souvenir of your event.

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