Stand construction

Bridge Event Facilities wants to be as innovative as possible. That's why we like to think along with you. We are continuously developing and devising unique and high quality stand construction concepts and stand construction designs. It is important to us that these designs have the right price/quality ratio. We now have various distinctive concepts for you. Take a look at one of these concepts of Bridge Event Facilities.

You can now view modular stand concepts in Virtual Reality, see our showroom above!


Stand with tendon cloth

The standard stand design with AluVision materials can be expanded to your wishes. There are main parts: a stand wall, stand lighting and a desk. Optionally, it is possible to expand the design with table and chair(s). It is up to you to add your corporate identity.

Wall-table stand with voile

This AluVision stand concept has a rear wall that is connected to each stand by means of a frame with a voile cloth. This creates a very open character at your exhibition or congress. A white designer table is included in the back wall; a sticker on the rear wall and the LCD ensures the corporate identity of the exhibitor.

Stand with milled logo 6 x 2 m

The panels in AluVision stands lend themselves perfectly for the application of corporate identity, in the stand the logo is milled in one of the panels. The logo was given the corporate color by means of LED light. LED can be set in any RGB color. The side pannels were given the corporate identity by means of tendons.

Brand Wall 3 x 3 m

This AluVision stand concept is perfect for extracting brands. By placing the AluVision panels horizontally, you create a field of three meters wide and one meter high. This is perfect for printing a huge piece of cloth with your brand on it. The interior design can be adapted to your wishes. In this case a design table and stools.

Other furnishing wishes? Bridge EF has a wide range of designer furniture!

Stand with special on stand wall 8 x 2 m

AluVision is also very suitable for specials, such as this stand. In addition to a colossally high stand wall, an eye has been created of special frames, with a suitable tendon cloth in it. Nothing is impossible with AluVision, you can opt for a standardized stand, for real custom work or a combination of these.

Stand Event 7 x 6 m

If you have many square meters, you can go either way. This stand is build on a raised floor, which gives an extra dimension to the stand. This AluVision stand design is fully equipped, such as a pantry where you can store all your belongings. The left sidewall has a very high 'wow factor ', as it is a Polybright frame with LED lighting that ensures that the tendon fabric is illuminated from the inside. A full stand wall creates a perfect separation in the stand to talk privately with a (potential) customer.

Lease plan 13 x 9 m

A large island stand can be used perfectly as a network point, but also as a catering point or information point. Because of a raised floor it is easy to frame your stand and the floor is easy to match with your corporate identity. We used printed vinyl. A pantry provides the necessary storage space as well as the enormous bar.

Polystretch stand 5 x 3 m

The stand consists of two sidewalls of polystretch cloths and a back wall of black molton cloth with a banner. The open character comes, among other things, through the polystretch side walls, these cloths have a triangular shape so that you can look at your stand from different angles. After the event you can take the banner and reuse it. This stand concept can be built in just about any size from 5 x 3 m.