Registration counter, infostation and conference counter 

Counters have a very functional value at conferences, trade fairs or events. It can serve as a registration point for your visitors on arrival. During your event, a counter can be used as an information point to show your visitors where to go. In an exhibition stand, a registration counter can be used to welcome your guests.

With the Bridge-EF information counters, you can turn your event into a professional event at a glance, where visitors know where to find their favorite supplier. The info or conference stations can be adapted to your wishes / needs. From a straightforward concept to a very attractive counter. Please contact us and be advised about the possibilities for an information, stand or conference counter.

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Registration counter with signing on system ceiling

The display cubes of Bridge Event Facilities are also ideal for registrations because they are lockable. Your valuables are always safely stored away and cable entry is made easy. A sticker for your corporate identity is provided on the display cube. In order to easily and very budget-friendly show the general public where to go, forex signs are a very suitable tool.

Registration counter with signing to truss

When you have an outdoor location for your event, or a location with a high roof; then 'signing on truss' can provide the perfect solution for you. Forex panels are mounted on truss with the material of your choice, you determine the desired height yourself.

AluVision counter round

This AluVision counter is the newest counter in Bridge's rental fleet. It is a real eyecatcher in your stand, the approximately 2.3 meter wide counter is equipped with dimmable white LEDs. Expandable with lettering.

Counter with overhanging counter top

This AluVision counter with wooden countertop gives every stand a stylish look. With a countertop of three meters long, you have enough space to exhibit your product and to retain the function as a bar / counter. In addition, handy storage compartments are made in the counter top, perfect for leaflets or other promotional materials.


The Bar-B of AluVision is built with Dibond panels, which are very suitable for stickers. Moreover, the bar is a real eyecatcher because of the RGB LEDs! The desk is 1.35 meters wide and 77 cm deep and also has lockable doors. As a result, your valuables are always protected in your stand.

Semi-circular stand counter

The semi-circular counter of AluVision is one meter wide and makes the counter fit in any smaller position. AluVision desks are modular and can therefore be adapted to your wishes. For example, the addition of a panel of 1m or 2m, this gives the desk a completely different style. The desk is open so storage space is easily created. By means of a sticker, this counter gets your corporate identity in a budget-friendly way.

Meeting point

This meeting point is an AluVision island desk with a circumference of more than ten meters. By means of a sticker - the size of the desk's perimeter - the corporate identity was implemented and resulted in a seamless result.

Counter 1m with sticker

The wooden counter is compact and is solid as a rock.. Particularly suitable counter for smaller surfaces in a stand or registration room.