Eye catchers

Bridge Event Facilities is creative in designing eye-catchers. An eye-catcher is a practical tool during your event. It draws attention to your stand and shows visitors the way. We design every eye-catcher with our motto ‘show your best' in our minds. The customer's wishes are combined with the design of a creative designer. The result is a very well thought out and detailed eye-catcher!

Bridge Event Facilities offers different types of eye-catchers that are suitable for your event or exhibition stand. With light, sound and theatre textiles we create an eye-catcher that stands out! Thanks to eye-catchers, your trade fair, congress or event becomes a lot more attractive and contributes to a positive association with your event.

Polystretch lights

Give your event a stylish touch with our polystretch lamps. The lamp consists of two rings that are connected by a polystretch cloth. The polystretch lamps always match your event because the colour of the light can be adjusted to your wishes. These polystretch lamps are also available with print.


An eye-catcher can function as a backdrop but can also fulfil a function in your stand or at your conference or event. To lead visitors to catering points, for example. It is also possible to hang the cube above aisles with a printed bottom. An extra option is lighting from the inside, which can enhance your corporate identity. The cubes are available in various sizes.

AV Wings

Technology can also serve as an eye-catcher and our AV wings prove just that! AV Wings draw all the attention of passers-by to your stand! By playing presentations, photos or videos on the screens, you can spread the word about your company. You can choose to use the screens as one large screen, several separate screens or an alternation between the above options.

Moving light

Bridge Event Facilities has large quantities of light for your exhibition or event in stock. In addition to spectacular light shows, you can also opt for a subtle gobo that projects your logo or a text. By placing the gobo in a moving head it can move, rotate or change colour in any desired position.