Floors & stages

Bridge Event Facilities has all types and sizes of stages for your trade show or event. Our stages are a musthave for the event organizer who sets high standards for appearance and literally wants to offer the public a stage. On our stages at your event, your speakers will not be short of anything. They will experience the power of the Bridge Event Facilities stage: beautifully designed and of high quality.

"Show Your Best" also applies to the rental of stages and floors! Our motto continuously stimulates us to push our boundaries. Both technical and creative. We work in a solution-oriented way. Bridge Event Facilities thinks along with you, has an eye for detail and takes care of the total technical realisation of your stage or floor.


Carpet is one of the most versatile floors available. There’s a wide range of colours, textures and designs to choose from for every budget. Carpet provides good acoustics and significantly shortens the reverberation of sound. During a busy trade fair this is a very useful feature.


In addition to carpet, laminate is also available in many different colours and motifs. Whether you are looking for a rustic, classic or modern look, there is always a suitable laminate floor. The advantage of laminate is that it’s abrasion-proof. This ensures that laminate is easy to install again, which makes laminate durable. On top of that, laminate is very easy to clean.

Printed vinyl

Printed vinyl is the best way incorporate your business identity in the floor. This temporary indoor application is perfect for your stand. The vinyl is resistant to foot traffic and has an anti-slip top layer of polyurethane, while vinyl is easy to keep clean. Vinyl can be cut into any shape up to two metres wide.

Heightened floors

With a heigtened floor it is possible to level a floor on a sloping surface. First, an aluminum frame is placed, so that your floor is leveled. Panels are then placed on or in the frame. The two options differ: by laying the floor on the frame, seams are visible to a minimum level. Placing the panels in the frame are more budget friendly. All panels are finished in white or with a wood print. It is also possible to lay carpet, laminate or vinyl on the floor.

The difference: placed on or in the frame

Vloer gelegd in frame

Vloer gelegd op frame

Floor stickers

The applications of floor stickers are endless. You can use them indoor and outdoor. Stickers can be cut in any shape. Floor stickers provide that little bit of extra attention, because they are not to be missed; you literally walk over them. They are scratch-resistant and have an anti-slip coating, even when the sticker gets wet.


Our stage builders have all the necessary capacities, diplomas and certifications to build eye-catching stages. Building stages requires specialist knowledge and we already look at the wind and stage load in the project preparation. Bridge Event Facilities has the most refined stage material: stairs, handrails, grids, smoke machines, monitor boxes and stage elements in all shapes and sizes. We also have roofing systems and stage roofs in various sizes.