Pipe & drape

Pipe & drape is a simple and inexpensive system for decorating events. This means that your event will always have an original, decorative and above all a beautiful separation. This is often essential if you want a beautiful and distinctive booth. This can also be very important for parties at your own location. The use of pipe & drape as a separation system is extremely flexible, making it suitable for every shape and location.

Bridge Event Facilities always has more than enough pipe & drape in stock. We currently have more than 500 meters of pipe & drape at our disposal. We go up to heights of no less than 3.60 and 4.25 meters. Our booth builders know all the ins and outs of the system and are happy to help you with the construction of your booth. This means that your booth, party, fashion show or congress will always be an attractive event.

Reduce space

When you organize an event in a production hall, it is often quite large. Pipe & drape is an attractive and affordable option to make the space feel smaller. By illuminating the pipe & drape with LED lighting, you can make a bare or inhospitable space very attractive. Stage curtain is available in different colours and types, from transparent to opaque.

Divide space

Separate spaces in a simple and budget-friendly way; pipe & drape is multi-purpose. Often pipe & drape is used to hide temporary storage from the visitor. But also to separate rooms with different functions. Pipe & drape is very handy so it can be assembled, moved and adjusted in height in no time.

Decorating space

Pipe & drape is very suitable for decorating bare walls. In this case, pipe & drape are placed in front of the huge white walls with a printed cloth. A simple way to give a space a suitable atmosphere to an event, a way to create a fire wall, to prevent view from the outside or to hide windows from view.