Special effects

Adding a special effect to your event gives an extra 'wow-moment'! Whether it's confetti (kabuki), bubbles or something else, Bridge EF has it all. Let Bridge be your total supplier and enjoy all the benefits. Read more about the One-Stop Shop concept here.

To complete the decoration of your special effect, Bridge EF can help you with a sound system with wireless microphone, a stage or print work, among other things. A team of creative people and technicians are eager to support you!

Drop FX

A spectacular opening act of a campaign, product or building requires a festive revelation! The Drop FX can be used indoors and outdoors. The unveiling curtain can be fully adapted to your wishes, for example with your logo. For an extra festive effect you can rent Kabuki Streamers.

Kabuki streamers 

Get the party started by using kabuki streamers. Confetti cannons come in many colors, shapes and sizes. We have a suitable solution for every event. Choose from electronic or handheld cannons, confetti or streamers. You can even choose the the shape of your confetti.

CO2 jet

‚ÄčTo accentuate the highlight of a performance, you can use CO2 fog plumes. This can be done in two different ways: people on stage with a gun or jets attached to a stage or a truss. CO2 is not entirely harmless; CO2 is -70 degrees and can therefore not be used in small spaces.



The Smokejet is a great alternative for CO2 jets, because the Smokejet does not emit the cold a CO2 jet does. The Smokejet is equipped with RGBA-LEDs to give the smoke colour.

Smokebubble Blaster

The Smokebubble Blaster is a new MagicFX product. Meet the largest bubble machine available! This machine produces about 6000 bubbles per minute, which gives a playful effect to your event. In addition, it is also possible to fill bubbles with smoke, with which you can enhance light effects.